Our mission begins today

The Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) and World Farmers Organisation (WFO) have come together in an unprecedented collective for climate solutions.

Collaboration is the AgMission way

FFAR and WFO are deeply rooted in activating communities to drive meaningful and measurable change. With that experience, these two organizations are well suited to coordinate the pre-competitive space for climate-smart agriculture and welcome all past and current research and initiatives.

  • Allison Thomson

    Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research
    Building public-private partnerships

  • Andrea Porro

    Andrea Porro

    World Farmers’ Organisation
    Scaling efforts on the global stage

Our Advisory Council

AgMission’s Fearless Collaborators

“While many scientists around the globe are advancing our understanding of agriculture, there’s no central force to mobilize this work to address climate change with farmers and ranchers – until now. The unprecedented collaboration and scale of this initiative is what makes AgMission different.”

Allison Thomson, AgMission Program Director

“Many farmers and ranchers are doing great work employing climate-smart practices on their lands. However, tackling climate change will require more adoption of these practices across the entire agricultural community. That is why AgMission seeks to create an unprecedented collaboration that will bring us a step closer to positioning agriculture as the natural climate change solution.”

Sally Rockey, Ph.D, Former Executive Director of the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research

“I think the farmers will provide us a perfect answer. We do not have to create a one-size-fits-all solution. Farmers will always find a way to find something in common.”

Arianna Giuliodori, Secretary General of the World Farmer’s Organisation