AgMission is funding audacious research to connect producers with researchers, integrate new and existing knowledge, address research gaps and accelerate the adoption of climate-smart practices.

Now is the time to build farmer resiliency in response to changing climate conditions. AgMission connects farmers, ranchers and scientists to accelerate agriculture’s potential for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

AgMission’s research builds on existing work, expands innovation and adaptation to address urgent challenges farmers face and develops climate-smart technologies.

Taking a Farmers First Approach

We fund bold research that ladders up to at least one of our four Project Pathways:

  1. Connect producers & researchers to co-create research that advances practical, scalable solutions.
  2. Integrate & navigate knowledge to catalyze information sharing and accelerate the pace of research.
  3. Create new knowledge to expand climate-smart agriculture information frontiers and address research gaps as a public good.
  4. Accelerate adoption by generating and disseminating practical insights and technology to increase producer adoption of climate-smart agriculture.

Farmers are on the front lines of climate change, and are at the core of AgMission. By co-collaborating, we can ensure solutions are viable, data-grounded and economically and environmentally sustainable. As no two farms or ranches are alike, climate practices must be equally diverse and customizable.

Initial Breakthroughs

Accelerating Climate-Smart Agriculture Research and Action RFI Report

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Designing a Global Digital Integration Hub to Enhance Producer and Researcher Collaboration RFI Report

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World Farmers' Organisation Global Producers' Consultation Report

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Recently Awarded Grants

AgMission™ Funds Global Producers’ Consultation to Improve Climate-Smart Agriculture Adoption

Year Awarded 2023
FFAR award amount $192,000   
Total award amount $394,000   
Location: Rome, Italy
Program: Agmission
Matching Funders McDonald’s, PepsiCo, The Nature Conservancy

AgMission™ Grant Aims to Improve Climate-Smart Farming Adoption

Year Awarded 2022
FFAR award amount $150,000   
Total award amount $400,000   
Location: Federal Way, WA
Program: Agmission
Matching Funders Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Expanding OpTIS, a remote sensing tool to accelerate soil health and climate-smart practices

Year Awarded 2022
FFAR award amount $1,784,805   
Total award amount $3,592,805   
Location: Arlington, VA
Program: Agmission
Matching Funders The Nature Conservancy, Conservation Tillage Information Center and Regrow Ag

The Ohio State University Study Examines Soil Organic Carbon-Enhancing Practices