Danita Rodibaugh

Danita Rodibaugh is involved in Rodibaugh & Sons, a family farm corporation focused on grain and purebred swine production. She currently serves on the FLMH Board of Advisors, the Foundation for Food & Agricultural Research Board of Directors, the Advisory Board of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Purdue representative to the National Council on Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching and the Advisory Group for US Meat Export Federation.

Rodibaugh was chairman of the board of the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) and was president of the National Pork Board (NPB). She has served on the USMEF Executive Committee, the NPB Trade Committee, Pork Quality, Safety and Human Nutrition Committee, the Environment Committee and was chairman of the Ethics in Pork Production Taskforce. She is a past board of directors member of the National Pork Producers Council and Indiana Pork. Rodibaugh represented agriculture on the EPA Federal Advisory Committee for Total Maximum Daily Loads.

In addition to getting her bachelor’s degree in consumer and family sciences/education at Purdue, her involvement currently includes serving on the Executive Committee of Purdue Alumni Board, Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture Farmer Advisory Committee and the Farm Policy Study Group. She formerly served on the Dean’s Advisory Committee and the Animal Science Advisory Committee. Rodibaugh served on Indiana’s Commission for Agriculture.

Rodibaugh and her husband, Dave, have four children and eight grandchildren. She and Dave are active in their church. Rodibaugh is a past president of the Indiana 4-H Foundation. Time with grandchildren is precious as well as her continuing commitment to volunteering for leading agriculture organizations.