Dr. Jeffrey Rosichan

Dr. Jeffrey Rosichan is a champion for bold ideas that increase crop diversity, farm profitability and environmental benefit. Rosichan joined FFAR in January 2018 as the inaugural director of the Crops of the Future Collaborative and he also oversees the Next Generation Crops Challenge Area.

Rosichan brings 30 years of agriculture industry experience as a senior R&D executive with significant management, scouting and early-stage milestone development expertise. At Dow AgroSciences, he served as an external technology leader for oilseed crops (soybean, canola and sunflower), cereals (wheat, rice and forage) and output traits (specialty oils, dietary fiber, animal productivity). There, he focused on technology exploration, assessment and developing strategic alliances for these crops. He previously served as global head of technology scouting for Novartis Agribusiness and as research leader for all oilseeds projects at Renessen LLC, a joint venture between Monsanto and Cargill.

Rosichan earned his doctorate in genetics and cell biology at Washington State University and did postgraduate work at the University of California, Davis. Rosichan enjoys travel and spending time with his children and their families.