Lauren Winstel

Lauren Winstel joined the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) in April 2020 as a scientific program assistant. In this role, Winstel supports the Soil Health Challenge Area programs and grants.

FFAR has provided an opportunity scale up the research and innovation aspects of Winstel’s career. Her goal at FFAR is to find creative solutions to complicated environmental issues and work directly with the people who are impacted along the way.

Passionate about advocacy, she also volunteers for local environmental law and social justice organizations. Prior to joining FFAR, Winstel focused on public education and technological development. She guided projects from ideation to creation at a patent law firm, supported social workers in D.C. to help local communities and facilitated scientific discovery through newsletter articles and social media at the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute.

Winstel earned a bachelor’s degree in energy and environmental policy from the University of Delaware, with a double minor in sustainable energy technology and philosophy. In her spare time, she is a coffee aficionado, sci-fi enthusiast and avid hockey fan – LET’S GO RANGERS!