Ryan Comella

Ryan Comella joined the Foundation for Food &Agriculture Research (FFAR) in May 2022 as a Scientific Program Associate. In this role, Comella supports both the Sustainable Water Management and Next Generation Crops Challenge Areas. His position offer sample opportunity to continue learning about sustainable production and use of shared resources.

Comella’s love of cooking and science led him to pursue degrees in both agriculture and food studies. His approach to food systems understanding, including agricultural production, is the coalescence of his many passions.

Comella earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science with an animal industry emphasis from the University of Arizona. He earned a master’s degree in food studies degree from Chatham University. Comella also holds a certificate in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu.

In his spare time, Comella enjoys reading science-fiction novels, kayaking, collecting rocks, and cooking. Being from the Sonoran Desert, he is inspired by the splendor of flora and fauna in extreme environments.

He hopes to continue adding to his small garden of rare and alien-looking succulents.