AgMission Program Update Webinar

AgMission is a global initiative founded by the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research  and the World Farmers Organisation with the objective of achieving net negative greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture sector. Over the past six months, these three organizations have co-developed a detailed program plan and priority areas for investment to meet this ambitious goal.

Success  requires collaboration across the agriculture sector in the US and globally. Thus, we envision working with diverse organizations including academic research institutions, civil society organizations, farmer organizations, digital agriculture tool developers and other agricultural value chain stakeholders with a shared commitment to climate mitigation in the agriculture sector. This webinar will provide an update on the priority program areas and upcoming opportunities for engagement and input into AgMission programs.

This webinar is by invitation; please email for more information or to request an invitation.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Overview of four Program Areas for AgMission
  • Organizational and governance structure
  • Partnership and Collaboration Opportunities
  • Upcoming Engagement Opportunities
  • Q & A