OpTIS Informational Webinar

Webinar Objectives:

  • Generate broad awareness about the new release of Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS) data for CONUS (lower 48 states), covering the period 2015-2021 at CRD and HUC8 scales
  • Show how OpTIS data can now be used to help develop baseline estimates for the adoption of conservation tillage and cover crops in climate smart commodity (CSC) projects involving croplands
  • Highlight the coming availability of analogous data for grazing lands, and how these new data could be applied to define the baseline in CSC projects that involve livestock
  • Convey opportunities for follow-up with any of the partners (TNC, Regrow, CTIC) on topics of potential mutual interest that arise, based on the above information


Steve Werblow (CTIC)

How this new dataset fits within the overall AgMission project

Allison Thomson (FFAR)

Why these new national baseline data are critical to the mission of TNC

Rob Manes (TNC)

How such new national baseline data can support ecosystem service markets in the climate-smart ag space

Debbie Reed (ESMC)

Introduction and description of the new OpTIS CONUS product

Soren Rundquist (Regrow)

Demo the new data on the CTIC website

Dave Gustafson (CTIC)

Moderated Q&A

Steve Werblow (CTIC)