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FFAR’s Research Strategy

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FFAR unveiled the new research strategy in December 2023.

Read FFAR’s Research Strategy.


About Our Research Strategy

FFAR refreshed our research strategy to remain current and ensure our research investments meet stakeholder needs.

In January 2023, we began assessing the state of food and agriculture to identify where research investments can best address major challenges today and tomorrow.

We engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to help us develop a comprehensive understanding of current and emerging food and agriculture research needs. Using an analytical approach, we developed an evidence-based research framework informed by  analyses, gaps assessments and forecasting. FFAR’s new Research Strategy is intended to align with industry, farmer and consumer needs.

We completed the Research Strategy in December 2023.

Thanks for Your Engagement

FFAR hosted an informational webinar on March 16, 2023 to provide more information about our Research Strategy.

We provided the opportunity to submit comments on the Research Strategy on a web-based portal that was available through early Summer 2023. The content submitted through the portal is being reviewed and will help support the revised strategy.

Download the Research Strategy Refresh webinar slides & view a recording of the webinar below: